Redefining awesomeness

That had the worst buffering of all time, it wouldn’t even play more then 10 seconds at once.

I found something very similar to this a while ago on the SA forums, along with a lot of other VG acapella.

I can post some more, but this most of the others suck in quality compared to this one and sound like some guys doing it in their den.

AI’d also like to second the shittiest buffering ever comment.

Oh, I third it

But it’s well worth the wait

It’s not just waiting, it’s having to wait, listen to about 5 seconds, wait for 10 seconds, listen for 5 seconds, etc.

That was fun, worth the wait after all.

Besides, I didn’t have a problem at all with the buffering. At all.

Nor did I.

That said, that absolutely rocked.

I had no problems with buffering.

But I’ve heard much better. That arrangement was just… not good. :\

I had no problems with the buffering. That is pretty funny though.

It loaded right up for me, too. Having said that, the people themselves were somewhat of spazzes, but they had the melodies more or less spot on.

That was cool :stuck_out_tongue: I didn’t get any problems, either.

Legend of Zelda or Mario are best. Though the Tetris was pretty good too.

That was hilarious. The actions they performed along with it really was the icing on the cake. I liked Tetris and Legend of Zelda.

…I thought this was a thread about me.

You guys have bad comps or something. It loaded fine for me. Very awsome.

Ok it loads fine now.

Maybe it was something wrong with the server.

Anyway, it goes:
Something else
Mario star theme
Mortal Kombat
Mario underworld
Mario end theme

What are the two things in the beginning?

Very cool.

And yeah, I had no problem downloading it.

Very amusing, I had no download problems till it was 90% done, then it totally froze. Oh well, still amusing.

Dr. Mario and Mario 3 Hammer Bros.

Ugh, the things I do to be helpful. Having listened to it again, the damn thing’s simply atrocious. Awful. Horribly off-key in many places. Blech.

Bad server, boo! Hurt my ears too.