Red Dead Redemption

Who has it and is loving this gem as much as I am?

I would be if I wasn’t in the middle of moving…

I would if I cared

Cool story, bro.


Anyway, I’m sure that this being a western style game that it won’t appeal so much to people. But here’s a part of my adventure so far:

I was playing last night and this guy stole a man’s horse, so I went to go and recover the horse. So I lasso’d the guy off the horse, went to go get on the stolen horse, but the thief shoots at me. So I lasso that fucker and tie him up, but the horse gets away causing me to lose out on potential money/fame/honor. So I put his hogtied ass on the railroad tracks and watched him get splattered by the oncoming train.

I’m enjoying this more than I enjoyed GTA.

It’s not that. I was never a fan of sandbox games.

However, if I see it at my University library (They have an amazing selection of recent titles to check out) I’ll pick it up.


I loved the first one, which wasn’t really open world or sandboxy at all. This sounds a little more like GUN to me, which is cool. Speaking of western games, has anyone played Call to Juarez?

Never played Call to Juarez but it looks pretty good from what I can tell.

What is the multiplayer stuff like?

I haven’t experimented with it yet. I’m playing through the main game before I mess with the multiplayer.

I’m impressed with the setting and how it manages to surprise me every now and then without resorting to an abundance of cliches. Sure, get flashbacks to Lucky Luke in every playing session so far, but this game has managed to keep my interest further than say, GTAIV.

Some random encounters with the “alignment system” don’t make sense, though. I’m disappointed how you get honor -50 for: a) Shooting a horse thief (“Didn’t horse thieves get hanged anyway? I can’t drag random criminals to the sheriff anyway…”) b) Lassoing a rapist (was I supposed to shoot his nads off?) c) Hell, lassoing a dude who asks me to rob a bank gets the law after me. What. the. hell!? Or was it a bank owned by those corrupt mexical officials? Maybe I’ll just concentrate on bringing bounties in alive. (Also, I lol’d at the “Dastardly” achievement. Should had a Dick Dastardly 'stache costume or something like that.)

Is it more fun than Just Cause 2?