Red Beard:

God Warrior?

That is a pretty freaking sweet beard.

Pretty horrible incident, but I gotta agree with Epic about the beard.

Adults with imaginary friends are stupid.

… D’oh, I just called myself stupid.

Red Beard: The game-

Edit: This mans beard is the shit! He has given me inspiration to grow one just like his.

What a fucker. He’d be better off exhibiting his beard than exorcising.


Am I the only one who thinks that beard looks fake?


I’m with Cavelcade, and if the beard is real, it’s been dyed.

Say what you want about his activities, but don’t disparage the man’s magnifience.


Um, yeah other than that? All I can say is “…”

His beard’s not fake you idiots

I know it’s not, but it really looks like it is. >>

Either way, it totally destroyed my idea of what God looks like. He’s supposed to be gigantic Santa clause wearing a toga, not a drunk biker at a Judas Priest concert.