Record of Lodoss War

Has anybody seen this? If so, tell me what you think of it. I thought it was pretty cool compared to some of the Japanese anime that I’ve seen in my life.

Well, I like, but that’s not really saying much since i like, pretty much anything. But yeah, it was pretty nice, espcially ,the “Second Half of the Show” in Chronicles of Heroic Knight

When I saw the second part of Chronicles i thought “Who the heck are these weird people” but I ended up liking them

I saw an episode once, and my thought was “Wow, what a typical RPG group/story/stuff goings on.” And then somebody told me it actually was a game, so I was like “Wow, that explains a lot.”

That’s not enough to actually say whether I liked it or not. And I’ll probably never see it again, so whatev.

It’s an excellent representation of a typical D&D adventure. If you can get over the typicalness of it all, it’s pretty good.

OVA or TV?

I only saw the OVA. I didn’t like it enough to want to watch it more than once, but it was all right. I guess at first, I had trouble with the “old” animation style, but it’s only a detail. I didn’t mind the typical RPG type of story. I think the slow pace of the story itself bothered me more.

I’ve only watched the OVA episodes. I felt like I was watching a D&D game, ha ha. I agree with Walhalla about the pacing of the OVA, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

I’ve only seen the OVA and I liked it alot. Yeah, it’s like a typical D&D story.

I like Spark and Neese

I haven’t actually seen the entire series all the way through, but the episodes I have seen were enjoyable. I’ll most likely end up buying the DVDs off of eBay.