Record of Agrarest War Glitch?

Hi all, I may the only one who’s played this, but I thought I’d give it a shot because the gamefaq forums aren’t helping. Anyway, I’m in the fifth generation of the game and I just finished all the forts, the last on which was Vesta (it had the second fight with two gurgs). There was a scene afterwards where Dyshana asked why Zerva was fighting. When I go back to the world map, there was no “Event” prompt or any new red areas to continue. Am I missing something like it being hidden or is this some sort of bug?

I can’t help you but I just wanted to say I also played it and really, I’m having a tough time with it just because it emphasizes grinding and the battles get so drawn out. :frowning:

The only battles that drag are the boss ones, because they all have super attacks now that kill most of my people in one shot. Maybe you weren’t using right skill/combos?

nah, any fight that taks longer than 3 minutes is way too fucking long.

I may have found the solution. There was an earlier dungeon where you get a new character half way through. After getting her, I left to save without completing it. It looks like finishing it was the trigger for opening the new areas. I attempted to finish it before, but got my ass handed to me twice by some big ass demons.

I am at work now, so I’m itching to see if this works when I get home. I’ve spent so many hours now and don’t want to give in to this “glitch”. I hate JRPGS like this that don’t give any hint about where to go next and it really don’t have any guides to it other than the wikia wiki.

Now this topic is about the game in gereral:

DR: I guess “Tactics” style games aren’t you’re thing then. They’re more about the individual battles because there aren’t as many of them. You probably didn’t use synthesize enough to max out your weapons, armor and accessories. They make you do so much more damage. You realy get more stats from them than the sill points you get from levels. You also have to capture mountains because many of them turn into stat boosts when you trade them in at the Monster Guild.

The only places you can “grind” is in dungeons where the turn counter stops ticking. I’m going for the True End where you have to finish all five generations in less than 500 turns. Right now I’m on track to maybe finish it under 400.

They were. And I did get into this game, in fact, I was powering through enemies after a while, but I petered out of it. I may end up picking it up again, but as it is, it was a bit taxing on my patience. I guess just grinding through tactical turn based battles just isn’t as fun for me as they were.

And there are tons of battles, what are you talking about? Just about every place you stop at results in a battle, and then you have the random turn based battles in the “dungeons.”

None of this really has to do with the nature of the game per se (though aforementioned random battle dungeons just isn’t necessary), but just the fact that like I said, I have a hard time slogging through drawn out tactical battles anymore.

I meant that many tactical games have fewer storyline “maps” to complete relative to the number of “random battles” in typical RPG. I totally understand where your coming from. I just have the patience of a saint and actually like grinding games like this one and Disgaea.

If you ever get the itch again, I suggest giving it another chance. Some of the cutscenes are really funny, in a traditional anime sense. Seeing my Chinese priestess girl trying to eat a giant sausage was hilarious. If you need any help or suggestions, feel free to ask here or PM me.