Record of Agarest War

Hmm, looks like another generic RPG- BOOBIES!!!

Is anyone else surprises this is getting a US release? Or, for that matter, an “Anywhere Outside Of Japan” release? If the trailer is to be believed, this might be the first H-game to actually make it to a US console. And that, folks, scares me to no end.

It’s rated as ‘twelve and up’ here in Europe, so I’m pretty sure it’s nowhere as bad as that video would seem to indicate. Unless the American release is different from the European: Which could be since it was released three months ago here. It seems like quite a decent SRPG. Might get it now that it has started to get cheap.

When I saw that trailer about a week or two back, I was sorta surprised they marketed the game that way. Was kinda funny, but from what I remember reading, the game’s nowhere near as raunchy as that trailer portrays, but it’s got the innuendo in there. Seems like a decent SRPG though, but that’s just me. Besides, like Nulani said, it’s got that “twelve and up” rating in Europe, and something similar in Japan.

I’m actually really looking forward to this game. I just got my PS3 and this is one of the few games that I’m really excited about in 2010.

Didn’t know it was in Europe yet. Curse my inept research!

Still, the game DOES look pretty interesting, and currently sits alongside God of War III on my “must buy in 2010” list. That, and it’ll be neat to see if they have anything close to the stuff in the trailer in the US version.

Its kind of a bad sign if this is their marketing ploy.

Of course this game probably has nothing compared to AT3 which is everything that trailer pretends to be (which we in the US will most likely be getting anyways).

That aside though I would’ve rather seen Queen’s Blade come here over this. The generational thing sounds interesting enough, but it doesn’t look like it goes anywhere with it as far as I can tell.