Recommend me Xbox games.

I’m buying one tomorrow. Get recommendin’.

edit; ok this thread sucks true but i’m tired and need suggestions.

already on my list;

[li]Ninja Gaiden Black[/li][li]Jade Empire[/li][li]Shenmue[/li][li]PoP: Two Thrones[/li][li]Mechassault/Splinter Cell (for softmodding).[/li][/ul]

I have zero interest in Live so no games where that is the focus pleae, and I won’t buy Halo 2 unless someone has a SERIOSLY incredible reason.

Mechassualt 1 and 2 are both fantastic, and i still keep an Xbox to play them. Outside of those two, there aren’t any real “exclusives” that you wouldn’t already know about (KotOR, fable, morrowind, etc). Panzer Dragoon Orta is really good, but it gets boring fast. I seem to recall you being a mecha-fag, so you might also want to check out Steel Battalion, its pretty fun, even with a standard controller.

And you MUST buy Jet Set Radio Future. You must, this is not an option. JSRF is a fantastic game, and it should only be a few dollars these days (it was launch).

I hope you mean Shenmue II. The first one never came out for the XBox.

Fable is pretty good.I’m playing that right now. Other than that i would say the obvious ones like Elder Scrolls and KOTOR. Or you could buy games that aren’t exclusive to Xbox, but xbox shows better graphics. I can’t really think of anymore right now

Will not having played #1 cripple my enjoyment of #2?

Probably not (I’ve never played II). I’m pretty sure II comes with a movie that details what happened in I and the boat ride over.

Oh awesome I might get it then.


If you have any friends, you should get Fight Night Round 2 or 3. I haven’t played 3 (dt has), but I’ve played 2. It’s pretty fun. Same with Need for Speed Underground Racing (haven’t played 2).

Have you ever thought about halo? I mean it is one of the only xbox games you can’t get on the other systems.

Halo sucks.

You can get Silent Hill 2 & 4 for the Xbox; and Black (a sweet FPS).

Halo is an… OK FPS, but the story is decent and the game play is pretty on point. You could probably get them both for about $20.

KoToR is absolutely horrible. The game play is suckier than walking in on Setz at the KFC bathroom (haha :). I couldn’t understand how shit worked at all, I guess maybe you need some kind of DnD knowledge.

Uh… I dunno. Fight Night is a great reccomendation.

KoToR isn’t horrible. KoToR 2 may be, but the original is one of the best Hugebox games there is.

I disagree, completely. The gameplay is HORRIBLE. What, you don’t control all your characters at once? Ok. But if you don’t control them then they do NOTHING? Oh, that’s cool. No wonder you didn’t like Kingdom Hearts. Goofy’s not afraid to beat someone down with that shield of his.

Something may be wrong with your game, as I never had troubles with my party members not attacking without my commands. More to the topic, if your computer can run it then you’d probably be better off getting KOTOR for the PC for bug fixes and mods.

Panzer Dragoon Orta is a fun rail shooter game where you control a girl riding a dragon, shooting stuff at enemy units. Has great graphics too if you are into that kind of thing. Also check out Chronicles of Riddick for the X-Box, as it a very fun FPS that is the prequel to Pitch Black…and unlike most movie based games, it very good.

The gauntlet games


Guilty Gear XX#Reload and Gun Valkyrie if you can find them.

Wait, wait. No one mentioned Doom 3, Half-Life 2? Get them both.