Recommend me an FFXI website.

OK… after doing a bit of desultory web browsing, I think I’ve come to the conclusion that FFXI is simply not going to be able to be added to the FFC. There’s just too much information, and it keeps getting bigger. I can probably add the “crossover” gameplay info like items, monsters, etc. but things like story and places aren’t going to happen.

Instead, I want all you FFXI players to recommend me the best FFXI site out there – information-wise, that is. I’d rather just try and affiliate with the most comprehensive FFXI website that already exists rather than try and come up with all this information myself (especially considering I’ve never played the game).

Your suggestions here!

Heres your best site:

I second allakhazam as the best FFXI site ever.

There’s no one FFXI site that even begins to cover everything the game has to offer. Allakhazam and mystery tour are the two I use most, they compliment each other well. Alla has a great item database, mysterytour has great information on how the game works.

If I had to choose between the two, I’d take mystery tour, because it points to things like coffer maps and experience charts and renkai, stuff alla doesn’t have or wants you to pay to access.

A lot of times I just end up using google and I find the info I need on some obscure forum.

I wouldn’t point to just one site. has an outstanding list of links:

My rank would be: (alla has really bad popups)

Also, if you’re not having any luck, you can always try:

The translate function does an okay job. Kickass site.

Sites with gameplay info is fine for the links page. I’m more interested in sites that contain the kind of info the FFC has - story, items, monsters, etc.

then I’d have to say alla