Recent deaths

I’m not one to make these comments usually, but I was a little surprised to hear about these.

First and foremost, Arnold Beckman died today. For those who don’t know him, he founded a massive scientific tools company and was a great inventor and financial contributor to science. We have an institute named after him at my university since its a UC.

Secondly, I was startled to hear that the guy who was raised as a girl after a botched circumcision committed suicide this week. He and his twin ended up being research subjects of some bogus scientist who made up data and did a lot of bad shit to them at John Hopkins. The dude thought that you could raise anyone to be a boy or girl depending on the environment they’re raised in. They ended up really trying to make the guy a girl and fed him hormones and even made him a vagina I think. He was really fucked up.

Yeah I’ve heard about the second one. I thought he had eventually developed a relatively normal life. I guess not.

What’s normal after something like that though?

I knew someone kind of like that, all I know is that his parents tried to raise him without gender…not sure what they did about the fact that he had a penis, but all I know is that they told him that he was neither male nor female, that he was just a non-gendered person. I think they homeschooled him, but then sent him to the high school I went to, where I have a feeling his life was kind of hellish. He had this really long pretty blond hair, but was on all the sports teams, and the math team (why I knew him). He was always trying to convince people he was all masculine and stuff, talking in that stereotypical “tough guy” voice. I felt really sorry for him, but he was also kind of annoying to hang out with, so…it was weird. That sucks about that other guy, though…Guh.

These people you are talking about had two problems:

1-) they couldn’t choose their own sexuality, it was imposed to them
2-) they had to deal with sexuality from too early in their lives. It’s kinda like forcing the sexual stress of puberty on a child.

There was an episode of Chicago Hope very similar to the second event that you mentioned Sin. It’s kinda eerie.