really funny link!

go here and download the file it is really fun i assure you you will laugh your asses off! do it now!

You are unbelieveably annoying.

that’s the point! but i am serious about this link! it is hilarious! download the file right away then run the file flood.exe! it’s a hilarious game!

Awww, Seldane is mad because TD banz0red him

nah. not really. i don’t like this place anyway. there are better things to do.

now die

Yeah, like spam the forum with diffrent nick

Dude, chill out a little. How many threads have you done already?

nah, i must go now.

the reason to the new nick is that seldane is banned. like id care. hahaha. good bye!

If you don’t care why the fuck are you posting? Message board dipshit.

Dude, it’s just a troll you guys, there’s no reason to even respond.

Well I was right. You really are a stupid fuck. Mods, lock this and delete the rest of the thread,s PLEASE?

Yes, please do. . . and I thought Uriel was annoying…