Really awesome music site

You tell them a song or artist that you like and they’ll play stuff that is similar. If you don’t like what they play, tell them “no, it sucks.” If you like what they play, say “yeah, that’s great.” You’ll eventually get a station that is tailored to your personal preferences. Awesome, no?

I’ve played with this a bit and I really dig it. I’m hearing some great stuff by some bands I had never previously heard of. I’m not really into any sort of music “scene”, so this is a nice way to expand my horizons.

Meh, I don’t like radio stations in general. I prefer to listen to my own music. I certainly have a lot of it.

Yeah, I used to think like that too, Gila, but this thing is good for seeig new stuff.

Took a while to tune it to my style, but now it’s an audio heaven.

Meh, I buy a new cd almost every week, I don’t think I’ll run out of anything to listen to.

It IS preatty cool. <3 Even knows some of the rarer stuff. Woo!

Yeah, this is actually really cool. Takes a little bit of time to refine, but I’m really liking it so far.

It is, and useful, wait, that means there’s something actually useful on the Internet! We’re doomed!

Not bad.

I’ve been trying to refine it for a little over a month, and it still doesn’t like me that much… >_>

Really? Maybe you have odd tastes, it warmed up to me pretty quickly. Just keep trying, it’ll get it right eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:

It keeps reccomending Shakira and Avril Lavigne to me. I keep telling it that I don’t like that, and then, about 10 songs later, here’s Shakira again, saying “Hey, Saturn, remember me? I was that awesome song that you turned down 10 songs ago! I thought maybe we could go for another round? No? That’s cool, here’s my friend Avril!” One time it went like 20 songs or so without playing any of that crap, and then comes Christina Aguilera who was all like “hey, have you seen my friends Shakira and Avril? They told me to meet them here. They said it’s awesome here, and you keep plenty of booze.”

Though, to be honest, I’ve likely confused the hell out of it. My tastes are best described as… eclectic. Andrew W.K., Reel Big Fish, Pantera, They Might Be Giants, Springsteen, Pink Floyd, Common Rotation, Corn Mo, Elton John, Meat Loaf, Johnny Cash, Lemon Demon, System of a Down, and Alkaline Trio all show up on my personal playlist more than occasionally.

The reason they keep popping up with the same songs is because likely they have different versions of the same song. And don’t worry: when you say a song by the same artist SUCKS three times, then they don’t play the artist anymore. I think it was three.