Really amazing ultra-deepwater fish

The page is in russian, but who cares? The pictures are awesome. I’ve never seen most of these before, even in drawing. The Tsunami that hit southeast asia recently brough the majority of them either onto shore, or raised them from their normal depths just enough for them to be picked up by scientists.

Pretty bitchin’ i think. This guy is my favorite:

<img src=“”>

Just a warning, the page loads balls-slow because it has been /.ed

Ackba gone fish? Almost as cool as Titan!

looks like one sick motherfucker… probably uneatable

Even if they were, would you want to?

Dude, what the fuck is up with lizard-fish, blod-fish, and fangtooth!? O_O Blod-fish has human eyes! Jesus fuck, this is why I’m afraid of deep ocean stuff, all those fish and giant-squid…

I prefer this fish over the other ones. It’s a deep sea fanglyfish! :open_mouth:

So I wasn’t the only one to immediately think of that. :hahaha;

I would think that a tsnuami couldn’t really pull up deepsea fish. One would imagine that waves are really only a phenomenon in the first well… I dunno how far down, but certainly not enough to pull up deepsea fish with it. Otherwise we’d see waves breaking a LOT sooner.

Yep, Snopes is right, plus I’ve seen all these pictures posted about 6 or 7 months ago, so they definitely aren’t too recent.