Real RO Name Thread

Merlin brutaly massacres Epic and takes over the thread, and adds the 1337 master list of people and names

Here’s the listing of everyone and their characters, maybe I’ll make it more intricate later if there’s something that could be done to make it more intricate.

<center><b>1337 Master List of People and Names</b></center>

Dekar Ragosa || Mage - Lightning

Urkani || Mage

Daemoness || Thief
Daemoness_ || Mage - All Elements

Elley || Merchant
Tallyna || Thief

Mayple || Magician

<u>MMX (:P):</u>
Elthiar || Novice

<u>Cless Alvein:</u>
Cless-Alvein || Swordsman

ArcaneXelo || Mage
MagiXelo || Acolyte

StarStorm || Archer
Spazzy Cat || Mage
Andrew Solaris || Swordsman

Mabatsekker || Acolyte

Framie || Swordsman
Framey || Thief

<u>Dai Ryuujin:</u>
Candice || Archer

Jeebus_Christ || Acolyte

Nulani || Acolyte

Booken || Mage - Tri-Elemental
Saelelas || Swordman - Agility Build

Serena Derringer || Novice (Swordsman planned)

<u>Tenchimaru Draconis:</u>
Tenchimaru || Magician - Lightning and Soul Spirit

<u>Sun Demon:</u>
Crashstar || Swordsman

Pied || Thief

Sorcerer1 || Assassin

Rokayas || Archer

Stevus || Archer
teveTheSwordDude || Swordsman
Demonic Steve || None yet

Dragonessa || Mage

OmegaflareX || Swordsman

Kaworu Nagisa || Swordsman

TheWizardmaster || Acolyte

Pharan || Swordsman


Originally posted by Merlin
<u>MMX (:P):</u>

And so it came to pass that the Merlyn, who once bathed in the rejuvanating blood of a hundred newbies, was buried alive…and his website, in which so many cruel deeds took place, fell rapidly into ruin.

I’m an actual Swordsman now :stuck_out_tongue: Level 26, too.

and Mabat’s an Alcolyte.


Serina Derringer? Grrr… (She was mean to Estelle ;_; )

tough love sister, not meanness.

<img src=“”> Man, you completely forgot me ;_;

Right now I’m mostly lightning (and Soul Strike), but I’m going to get fire bolt and ice bolt to level 4 as well after I max Soul Spirit.



and TD, I didn’t put you in because you weren’t in Epic’s old list. I’ll do it now though.

Serena was a BITCH. Remember what she did to Shimeto?

i feel so unloved ;_;, name’s Crashstar and i be a Swordie

my name is Pied and im going to be a thief ~~

Sorcerer1 - Assassin in the making

Geez, whole threads… isn’t this what a chat room is for? :stuck_out_tongue:

Rokayas || Archer

Nearly hunter.

Ask me if you need anything, I’ll be happy to help just as much as I can ^^ Don’t expect any tanking though, I am a sucky archer who can barly dodge Caramels :stuck_out_tongue:


Here’s something for an edit:

My two new chars:

Spazzy Cat || Novice -> Mage
Andrew Solaris || Novice -> Swordsman

Stevus | Archer

Novice now, Mage later.

WOO! Nessa’s playing!

I’m not an archer… yet…
I’ve also made two new ones
SteveTheSwordDude (novice --> swordsman)
Demonic Steve (Not sure yet…)

I’m OmegaflareX, a level 13 swordsman. =D