Reading this felt good.,12271,1594605,00.html

It made me feel good but a little ill. Damn whippersnappers and their false sense of self-entitlement along with their enabling parents! waves her cane

I hope they ban prom nationwide, myself. I mean, if you’re gonna blow all that money on that bullshit, why not spend a little of it on, y’know, improving the fucking educational system instead, no?

While I didn’t attend my high school prom, I would still think it should be offered still. Of course it was very expensive from what I heard, since I guess it took place on a ship on a lake or something.

Fuck you. A generation of ignorant meat puppets is soooo worth it for getting to be Prom Queen!

The people most likely to complain about prom are those who didn’t go.

That’s how you do it here: Want a bigass sex party with all your fuckhead classmates? Pay for it yourself, the schools have better things to spend their money on.

While I don’t like the drunken debauchery associated with the Prom, I don’t mind it. In fact, of all the high school “rituals” and “must-haves,” I must say Prom was the only event, besides graduation, which lived up to such a claim.

But yes, there is too much excess associated with it. I think my school’s prom was mainly financed by the Alumni Association. I dunno. Everyone from Prek-K to 12th grade financed it if not.

Our prom entirely pays for itself with tickets, actually.

The school never financed our prom from what I can remember, it’s usually clubs and classes the raise the money so we can have it. The prom is something I’m really glad I went to, when else would I ever get dressed up and listen to crappy music from a dj hired because he was someone’s cousin. And honest to goodness, I’m too out of the in crowd to have known about any of the sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll after parties.

I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s their money, and if they’re willing to spend it on getting their kids drunk and laid, that’s their business.

Way to go Alabama.

Whoa, this is actually pretty close to my area. I’m not sure whether it’ll affect my school district or not, but either way it won’t matter to me since I didn’t go to Prom last year and I probably won’t go this year either. Parties aren’t my thing.

Admittedly, I can’t complain too much about my Prom because most of the money comes from tickets.

HAHAHAHAHA, some 16-year-old’s dreams were crushed.

I didn’t go to my prom. I figured it was a waste of money. I was only friends with three or four people in grade 12, so why would I want to hang out with a bunch of nobodies when I can hang out with my real friends? I don’t need to fucking wear a tuxedo and pay a lot of money to get wasted with people that I don’t even hang out with normally. I got drunk with my real friends instead!!! boy was that an awesome night.

Yeah, yeah, boo-hoo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I went to prom both times, but I wasn’t at a City that had huge after parties with shaved ice statues and houses people rent to drink in and fuck. The school can cancel the Prom, but that doesn’t mean the well to do parents won’t hold their own Prom outside the school.

I would find it very hard to believe that those who do drugs/have sex after the prom do not do drugs/have sex at any other time in their high school career. Little Molly leaves for the prom an Angel and comes back a skank. Yea right. You have to be really jaded to want to cancel proms everywhere. A lot of high school students look forward to it and not all of them are the stuck-up snobs. I agree it should mostly pay for itself though.

Hey, great idea! Let’s destroy an American insitution that most people still regard as one of the important rights of passage to adulthood because a few rich brats on long island want to fuck and smoke up. I’d bet 10 dollars this “private catholic school” still funds some kind of gun club or something too.

Such as Fire alarms and Murals

I don’t really under stand the whole Prom thing…

The nearest thing I have done to it is Blackpool Tower Ballroom…