Re: The whole "lav" thing

What part of “Enough is Enough” do you people not comprehend? Get it through your skulls, please. I don’t particularly care for being innundated with that shit. Thank you.

I stopped a bit back, but I’ll try to remember not to.

X, you are truly a wretched creature. People make jokes about, oh, let’s say “military intellegence”, but you don’t see me jumping all crazy and shit, being all like, “Dude, enough is enough, that fucking hurts my feelings!” That’s something that actually has something to do with me; the lav joke isn’t directed toward any person at all, it’s just good clean humor. Fucking chill, you child!

Maybe I’ve missed something here, but the only times I’ve seen the “lav” thing pulled out is when X is around. First, I don’t know how any of it started. I’m not sure if it’s prompted by someone having some “fun” or by X asking repeatedly for it to stop, but it’s one of those downward spirals. It’s also at least a little annoying, but maybe I’ve been overly sensitive lately.