Raze's Hell

hey there avrybody! i found the most interesting game the other daY. it’s called Raze’s Hell. basically you take the roll of a creature of darkness in a dark and blackened world. this world is being threatened by vile Kewletts, random cute things trying to turn the world into a happy place. As Raze, you must destroy the kewletts to save the dark dreary world that you love. kind of an odd concept, but it sounds rather interesting.

sounds good to me, if theres violence in it, i love it. lol. Blood…i want to see more blood.

violence like you wouldn’t believe. it has an M rating and i believe you tear these little cute things apart with large claws attached to your hands. sounds like fun, aye? :wave: :moogle:

well, u have my vote, if there is violence, im in. I WONT STOP TILL I KILL U ALL !!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!