Rate these Buys/Steals

Ok, At the Cheapest I’ve seen any game. Each under £3!!! (I’d say US$5 a game)

Ok what do you guys think of:

Oni (PS2)
(It was one to buy game list, I now can’t remeber I like so that I said I’d buy when I bought a PS2)

Red Faction (PS2)
(I’ve been planning to buy a console FPS, If you seen me play, I actually play differnt 2 styles, One is “Rapid Fire and Miss everything” and the Other is Sniper (Curse for a miss). I’ve found myself “Sniping” on a in-store demo 360 game)

Eternal Quest (PS2)
(Its an RPG)

I’ve heard Oni was decent.

Oni is the game with that purple-haired ninja chick, right? I played it on the PC before. It’s pretty cool.

She’s got purple Hair, and I’ve seen it on PC as well. It jsut that I’ve never had a PC good enough, long enough, to buy it at £10.

Oni kicked butt on the PC. Heard it sucked butt on the PS2. Something about the controls just werent handled very well on the ps2 port.

Red Faction is definately worth it. Its fun to set you and a friend up on a team in multiplayer versus a bot on the hardest difficulty and then play the gulch level where theres two bases… That thing will tear you apart…! The key that we developed was use missles to dig holes into the mountains and hide in the mountains with rail guns, lol…!