Rate the Sig of the user above you

A few things to consider:

`+ Physical Size (Preferably on 1024x768 perspective)

`+ Image Size

`+ Quotes are actually good quotes

Two more things:

  • I’ve done this on another forum before, and it turned into one person taking every second post. At least try to let some other people post in between so everyone isn’t always rating your sig.
  • Don’t post if you don’t have a sig, what’re people gonna do then?

EDIT Forgot to mention, on a scale of 0 to 10


Note: Mine might not appear right on IE since it doesn’t fully support PNG Alpha layers.

Its the blackmage wallpaper for 8-bit donators! Enlarged without loss becoming grainy so its cool, text looks nice as well.

The windows or gates quote is hillarious too. Nice sig.
(Does my sig really count?)

I don’t think you sig really does count.

Though I’ve been meaning to give Progress Quest a whirl…

Mine consists of a few quotes that I love. So it is, so it was, so shall it always be.

GG has good quotes, therefore it is cool. 8.

I have no idea whether mine is visible at all. Damn Geocities…

If you understand it my sig rocks.

Since Sephiroth Hayes rated his own I’ll skip up to Pierson.

7/10, the animation is funny, but not visible and kinda choppy :stuck_out_tongue: But because it has to do with arfenhouse, it rules :stuck_out_tongue:

Cless’s sig is my favorite quote from Arfenhouse.

The size is not big, but it isn’t too small.

So, a 8 is my rating.

Kor’s is ok.


Nice little poem-like thing. I like those spinning things.

I rate Dark Paladin’s a solid 7/10, simply because I want a sock puppet to be president. That’s not the context, but meh.

Cool sig d Galloway.

Dilbert is funny.


My sig is the greatest. It’s so expressive and artistic. And look at the shinies.

Dai’s sig is pretty cool, short enough, too. I rate it “good.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Isn’t this whole thread spam?

Cybercompost, you are now banned for spamming.

6.5/10. The quote is pretty cool, but I hate MP3 things :stuck_out_tongue:

rate my sig please,i know is not great or anything but i like it.

Very nice shot of Kenshin, Mastermune. I used to like the show… before it went all silly on us. :thud:

I used to have a picture signature, and I might yet have another, but for now, my OWN quote will do. And, like it or not… it is the TRUTH.
(I keep hoping it’ll remind you folks not to take stuff in here TOO seriously.)

Originally posted by Cless Alvein
[b]Cybercompost, you are now banned for spamming.

6.5/10. The quote is pretty cool, but I hate MP3 things :stuck_out_tongue: [/b]


Wil- meh. I guess its informative, but its not all that interesting.

I have the same opinion about Cybercompost’s sig as Cless.

Galloway has an awesome sig, I wish it changed every time you looked at it like Xelo’s Simpson sig a while back

Edit: Oh, and I know mine sucks, so don’t bother pointing that out.

Dude. CH, your sig RULES. So it gets a 6.5. I take it that it’s an in-joke of some sort, but it’s still cool. :stuck_out_tongue: