rarg, I need tech help

Ok, so my internet was not working right? So I try to disable and re-enable the Local Area Connection. It won’t re-enable because its a dead connection. So I restart my computer. Come to find out, my dad had just disconnected me, but I am reconnected now. But the thing is, the Local Area Connection icon has completely dissapeared, so I have no idea how to re-enable it. I should have two connections, 1394 connection and a Local Area Connection. The Local Area Connection is not there. Help =(

I feel like an idiot for not being able to recover such a simple thing -_-;;

go to control panel, and then network connections. ure connection should be in there.

Try chekcing your control panel?

Edit: well I guess you beat me

Thats the problem. Its not there.

Why does it matter if your connection works anyway?

But if you want to make another one, just look on the left (if you have XP) and you should have the option to make a new connection. You can specify its a LAN connection I think.

It matters because I need it to connect to the internet, foo :stuck_out_tongue: I’m on another computer right now. and thanks, I’ll try that.

edit: no worky =/

Put an Ice Cube on it.

Create a new connection > Next > Connect to the Internet > Set Manually > Broadband that’s always on.

did you run a hardware check and see if its picking up the network card? that might be it?

Right click My Computer - Manage - Device Manager - Network Adapters.

I fixed it. I just changed the PCI slot the card was in so it’d have to reread it.