rare vg ost

I am looking for the dew prism(threads of fate) ost. I have looked on different sites such as ebay, animenation, but have not been able to find it. I know it exists, and I’m surprised nobody on ebay is selling it. Has anyone seen the dew prism ost anywhere? I would really like to have it.

Paste that exact message here.

Best of luck, it’s getting increasingly rarer and rarer to come by. Had you asked this a week ago… you could have gotten my copy.

If you don’t care about stiffing the company who made it, you can download it in PSF format at www.zophar.net. You can play that in Winamp, and you can convert it to MP3 if you so desire.

Is that music all that good? I remember playing it on that demo disc I got with Vagrant Story, and I suppose it was okay.

In my opinion, no. It was too bland to actually do anything for me. But some people enjoy ambient music like Dewprism’s, so more power to them I guess.

I doubt you were a fan of your Parasite Eve 2 OST then, also, huh?

Check your PMs.

Also, no the ambience isn’t good as a standalone listen…