(Rant) PC-bashing welcome in this thread...

…because I am going to shoot mine. >_<

I recently installed/uninstalled a driver for my LAN, which screwed up the Windows registry, so I backed everything up and formatted the C: drive…so after that, I reinstall windows, and everything is working just fine until I notice that Windows isn’t detecting my modem. So I open 'im up and take out the modem and reinstall THAT, and reboot. And what do I see next?


So I run it through its little boot-from-the-stonehenge-A-drive so it can run a diagnostics check and run FDISK and what does it say?


sigh The next computer I get is a Macintosh. :too bad;

Yay! PC bashing! bashes PC…Glenton

hmmmm… that’s weird… happened to me once, but I can’t remember how I fixed it. it took a bit of effort… if I remember how I fixed it, I’ll let you know.

Gah…Dont make your way to te dark side… :stuck_out_tongue:

Like an old horse that’s come up lame.

Take it out back and bust a cap in it.

If you do buy another computer, don’t sink so low as to buy a Macintosh…

No offense, Mac users, but PCs are a lot better to those able to afford them…

Checked yout BIOS settings? Whiles it uncommon, its not unheard of for the HDD settings to get messed up and need to be re-tweked. Also, since its an internal modem, I would be sure to check that the IDE cabling is firmly attached at both ends and that you didn’t bump a power cord to the HDD loose when you were in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Ive done that before :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not spoken of, but Macintoshes are just as prone to crashes, data failures, and corruption as Windows based computers are. =P

There is a reason why you dont hear about thems Mac crashes…

[[ccp]Gib_Omelet|work] i know one mac user. he says if i keep teasing him, he’s gonna call the other 6 and beat me up

The 7 users are ignored :stuck_out_tongue:

What they said. Buy an AmigaONE instead. Much better. :mwahaha:

Although the advantage to Mac: No Palladium on them.

I’m thinking of switching to PowerPC architecture soon…

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Yay! PC bashing! bashes PC…Glenton

I was thinking the same thing…

I like to bash things!

… I feel so unloved.

Don’t look at me like that PC! It’s your fault that every time we RP you try to blow us to bits!:hahaha;