Random thread (ST related)

I have no shame in admitting that I currently own several Hentai Game Music CDs (obtained through trades)… do you people think lowly of me now ? <.<

Two of them have tracks littered with the expected moans, orgasming and gasps… Tho thankfully, they’re few and far between…

Ok fine, I felt like bragging, so there…

Take a small peek , why don’t you ?

And there goes for my insignificant post of the year, while it’s 2:30 am.

If the mods/admins think this topic is pushing it too far, by all means close it, and I apologise for creating this thread.

No clips of the music? You tease!

lol the “small” link’s title.

Mama-san Volley ~Let your breasts sway~

Majokko de Go Go

Tobi D+vine

Look at the bottom of each link.

Thanks, hm i kinda liked some bits from Majokko a go go and Tobi D+vine. I wouldn’t think lowly of you; music is music shouldn’t matter too much where it comes from.

The last one sounds pretty good. The other two aren’t my style, really.
And I don’t think less of you. I’d be a hypocrite if I did. :hahaha; After all, I’M the one who’s a top member on a hentai message board


While I detest the mere fact that H-Games exist and don’t understand how a sane person could possibly sit in front of a screen scrolling trough heaps of some of the worst dialogue ever seen just to watch three or four pictures, I did get good comments about the music in Snow Drop. I haven’t played it for the reasons above mentioned and the fact that the word drop frightens me in the present context, but the opening Ever Stay Snow is pretty darn sweet.

Nah DG, you are not low. I think highly of you… you know why >_>;;

Hmm, that sounds quite odd.

Didn’t the final boss music in FF9 have moans, orgasming, and gasps in it?

(As a side note, this was the second thread in a row with “orgasm” in the first post.)

Those were mostly meant to be represent pain and suffering, but I guess you can interpret it that way too.

Obviously you have no shame, seeing you’ve just told everyone who read this.

Hooray for porn.