Random Pink Eye question

So yeah. This saturday, I woke up and I was sure I had conjunctivitis (pink eye). My eyes were pink, heh…and I woke up with so much sleep in my eyes that it was hard to open them. I also had some minor cold symptoms, which I heard happens when you get the bacterial version of conjunctivitis.

But, this morning, I woke up, and, while it sure felt like I had pink eye this morning, I took a shower and some cold medicine, and, well, all my symptoms are gone. No sore throat. No stuffy nose. My eyes don’t even look the slightest bit irritated.

Now, I’m a newb to pink eye, but there’s a lot of smart people here, so here’s what I want to know:

  1. Is it possible to have conjunctivitis even if your eyes aren’t irritated or show no visible signs of irritation?

  2. Has anyone here miraculously recovered from having Pink Eye after only two days? Or, is it likely that I’m still highly contagious and am going to wake up feeling bad tomorrow?

Its possible whatever caused your illness was not an infectious agent, but nevertheless led to some pink eye-like symptoms, like an allergy. Its next to impossible to make a diagnosis based on this little information and not seeing you in person.

Edit: You should be careful for spreading any possible infection until you’re sure about what’s going on.

I once used WebMD, and it said I had postpartum depression.

That’s a serious disease 984. You should see a doctor or you might hurt your baby. Its ok for new mommies to get the weepies, but postpartum depression could be serious.

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Possibly, but then again, I’m not a doctor.

In the meantime, I suggest licking the palms of your hands and spreading the disease to your worst enemy. :smiley:

I’ve had pink eye and no cold symptoms at the time. It got progressively worse. The only time I felt fine was in the beginning stages. Then it started itching a lot. I rubbed my eyes a lot and there was discharge coming from them. I never had any problems opening or closing my eyes though.

His wife?

I also got the eye of death (lack-of-sleep-induced-rubbing doesn’t help).