Random EXP in FF11?

Does anyone know why you sometimes get EXP for no appraent reason at all? Case in point: I died saving my party in a battle. I had 610 exp before the death. I dropped down to 210. By the time I got back to my party which was on the other side of the dunes diagonally, I had 975 exp. My party battled a couple fo things, but it always said that I was too far for exp. Not that I’m complaining, but it is just weird. It may have also happened when I went to the duens from San d’Oria, but I’m not positive. Keep in mind that I was doing was running.

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A bug maybe?

I once lost 1000 EXP for no reason. My party disbanded, and when i founded another one, instead of 500 TNL, i was 1500 TNL. I didn’t misread it, i dont know how it happened.

In some instances, players separated from their parties would receive experience points despite the fact that the following message was displayed on their screen:
“You are too far from the battle to gain experience.”
This issue has been addressed.

It was a bug, will be adressed in tonight’s patch.

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