Random Encounters with Final Fantasy Parody Videos

Saw this on Joystiq, thought I’d share.

Good lord, those people have far, FAR too much time on their hands.
It wasn’t all that funny, but it was kind of cool. I love how the battle actually ends. 8p The only thing I actually laughed at was the Star Wars parody at the very end. :sunglasses:

Well, aren’t you a hard man to please. :slight_smile:

I like the “reality” of the situation, how many times I have said to myself, thank the maker, the rest of my party is dead, so now the confused party member can only hit the enemy. It doesn’t always work out as well as it did in the video, but it has happened often enough for me to indentify with the situation, which brought me back to appreciate the content more at the time. I am not sure why they featured Chrono cross music but as the parody was an approach at square’s old rpg’s it made sense, along with the potpourri of different ff OSTs sampled. With some rehersal and a steadier tripod, they probably could have fixed the majority of the “graphic” problems they had. It would be really fun to make an rpg based on the concept of an good non-recent rpg, and just use photos as sprites, with gifs and the like for animation and cheap cgi.

Can’t you also hit yourself if you’re confused?

I was actually waiting for her to do that. 8p

I found a video like that one but with Zell in it. Arhg! When I finally have something cool to post I cannot find it!

Can’t you also hit yourself if you’re confused?
Yes, but atleast she would no longer have other party members to distract or kill, that is. Good call though, I should have mentioned it.

The Menu systems Looked FF8 and FF9 to me…