Ralph "Bucky" Phillips

I am so sick and tired of hearing about this guy. He escaped prison by cutting through a tin roof in the kitchen with a can opener in April and he’s now on the FBI’s most wanted list and the reward for giving information for his capture is almost a half a million dollars! That’s because he’s acussed of killing one NYS trooper and injuring two others. To make things worse, he’s got friends and family protecting him. There’s a reward of only a measly $100,000 to catch anyone helping him. God, I hope they catch the SOB soon. I just saw on the news that record numbers of troopers are storming the PA border setting up checkpoints and searching the woods for him. Schools in the are are in frickin’ lockdown because of it.


Where’d this guy come from? And where is he supposedly located now (I.e what city)?

They think he’s in Chatauqua (not sure one the spelling) county in the southern tier of NY, near the PA border. He’s been going back and forth between NY and PA. Probably because he’s got people helping him. His girlfriend has been arrested for doing so and others are probably doing so. Some assholes have gone so far to make shirts that say “Run, Bucky Run!”

He was a former marine and police think he’s been surviving in the woods that are very hard to search.

Well, he’s no where near me.

I don’t get money. :’(

If you’re tired of hearing about him, why did you make a thread about him? :frowning:

I just want to hear that he’s been caught. He’s been getting national attention now that he’s on the FBI’s most wanted list. I was also curious to know if anyone has has heard about him. He’s been shown on America’s Most Wanted for a while now.

UPDATE: We got the son of a bitch. Anyone who would like to see the news story, click here.

Haha. I was just about to post a link to this too. But you beat me to it, Bahamut.


If you’re tired of sassing back to him, why don’t you go in the kitchen where you belong, woman.
Wait. Damn. My Spider sense tells me my mysogonistic retort does not apply in this scenario.

I’d think this guy must be more like scared deer than some vicious convict looking to kill any stray schoolchildren he finds. Also since it seems he’s in some rural place, where people are usually armed to the teeth.

Well he did rob a gun store and armed himself with over 40 guns, most of which have been recovered. The others are probably hidden in the woods where only he knows.