*raised eyebrow*


Thats pretty fucking cool heh

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I needed a new keyboard anyway <_<

I’d rather have one that’s flat and rolls up

I want one of those. I could spill drinks all over the keyboard without it mattering so much if it’s just a projection.

it probably wouldn’t affect the keyboard, but you do have to wonder if it’ll type anything for stuff to fall down on it.

I can already see that keyboard having problems with simultaneous key presses. If it uses light to sense your keypresses, then one finger might end up in the shadow of another. It’s a really neat looking thing though, there’s no question about that. Just not quite functional yet.

Wow, those computers from Final Fantasy and The Matrix Reloaded are becoming reality. I so want one of those.

Sw33t. :moogle:

Lasers make everything better

BAH. LAsers are for Orbital Death Platforms

What we really need is a 10x size one, that way you can do your college work and play DDR at the same time :hahaha;

EDIT: Better yet, Twister :mwahaha:

And shooting down missiles.

ooohhh…Glowy buttons. press

Originally posted by StarStorm
BAH. LAsers are for Orbital Death Platforms

All i wanted was friggen sharks with friggen laserbeams attached to thier foreheads!

Hey, I didn’t get my black market thermo nukes or even a Nerf Fragmentation Grenade for christmas. So I’m even worse off.

Cool… But $99, I’d leave it, even if it came out over here.

I’d just break one of the keys, it happens to every keyboard i buy.

If you manage THAT on a laser keyboard, I will ahve to personally come over there and point and laugh at you.

I think it seems to be just another of those things that only the rich übercompfreaks will care about…

Other than that…
Yeah really cool, gotta get one :stuck_out_tongue: