"Rain on my Windowpane"

I know that I probably shouldnt have this on a message board, but I just need a place to vent. It was raining and I was looking out my bedroom window when I saw a man walking towards my window. I was about to run, but then I recognized him. It was my dad… which is stange because he’s dead. And I hate him for that, the fact that he put a bottle of Colt 45 and some Kools before me; the fact that he got hit by a car and ruined MY life including his own. I wated to scream, “I hate you, you weak bastard!!! I hope your’e in hell!!”, but I couldn’t. All I could feel was pity.

Oh for fuck’s sake

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Sorry to hear about that, though, but don’t you think you’re being a little bit unfair there? I doubt that the man went out in traffic with the intent of getting hit by a car.

Yeah I agree with TD, I don’t think he would have gotten hit on purpose just to try and ruin your lives. I don’t know him well enough to say for sure, but I know most people wouldn’t.

I think she’s pissed because of the fact that he’s actually dead, rather than blaming it on him directly.

However when an individual looses a loved one or someone they knew, close to them, they tend to direct their anger and resentment at anyone for the cause of death, even the deceased one itself.


Err, take a deep breath then lay off the mushrooms, they’re not doing you any good.

I don’t want to sound rude Aurora, but that didn’t make much sense…

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AuroraBorealis: I don’t know you, but hi.:wave:

Theres no problem with posting your feelings on a message board, just try to make sense so we understand your feelings.

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Wait, what? I’m sorry for your loss…but, I’m not sure what you want people to say…

In any cases, my condolences for your loss and for your pain. Feel better soon. :too bad;

-Mazrim Taim

Okay. You saw your father, eh?

The thing is, I believe in ghosts and such, and… well- I really don’t believe that hating him will help either you OR him. Yeah. He might have been a horrible man, a good man, or whatever- but he did not die for horrible, horrible reasons like you seem to think he did.

And I believe that YOUR hatred is keeping him here in this world. But you already KNOW he is in Hell, which is why, of course… you saw him on Earth. Haw. Oh- it could have been a hallucination or something as well- or a memory. If so… do you REALLY hate him as much as you’d like yourself to think? Then why did you see him?