Has anyone else even HEARD of this series besides me and Kagon? If not, go watch it. Now. At least 1 DVD is in the US with English dub/subtitles.

If you have heard of it, do you know how many there are in the US? When the rest are coming? ANYTHING?

I’ve already seen the 2nd DVD at Best Buy so I know at least two of them are here now =P. It really is an excellent series- kinda reminiscent of Eva, or at least it is for me in a way.

I saw the entire serie (26eps)

It’s decent but i didn’t really like the last 4 eps

Do you know if all of it has been released over here yet Qpz?

I’m pretty sure only the first two dvds have been released.

Yes, but Qpz is relating to the fansub episodes =) It’s a nice series… But I don’t think it’s worth buying the dvds though :\

I have I’ve even watched it; just not much of it: I suppose I’ll get around to aquiring more somehow.

I heard it’s pretty good but I have to make sure it’s not just another Eva clone before buying it.

Yeah, that’s what most people’s impressions are at first