Ragnarok Online: The Denounment

Also Titled: The case for sanctioning a full on, nuclear war between North and South Korea, broadcast on Fox Sports (I’d watch it). I know I’m going to get my ass flamed off for this, so I took the liberty of wearing my Trogdor underpants.

As many of you know, Ragnarok Online recently went free again. As many of those people know, I couldn’t download it until last night, when Daemoness gave me some funky program that date raped Ausgamer’s server…while I don’t know if I’m comfortable with having someone that hax0r savvy on my IM list, I still erected a small shrine in her honour in my bedroom and sacrificed a large starling to it last night, and said many prayers to the gods of horror that she may be blessed and kept safe from harm.

At least, I THINK it was a starling…but I digress.

The point is, I installed, I played. And very little has changed. It made me cry. The stuff that made me give up RO back when it was free before, made me surrender again. I thought the point of an OPEN BETA was so that mistakes could be corrected. Maybe, I dunno, everyone who e-mailed Gravity did it in ENGLISH, which they clearly have no understanding of despite their claim that they just hired someone who SPEAKS IT MOTHERFUCKER.

Anyway, here’s the breakdown.

What’s changed? Well, first, the patching program works. Or maybe there were just a lot FEWER patches to download, but it managed to patch and move on. Secondly, there’s a “tutorial” before you enter the world of Ragnarok. Problem is, however, the english these people speak is so bastardized, understanding what they say is a game on its own. So the tutorial is nigh useless. However, it also gives you a test to see what class you should take, that was nice.

Now, what HASN’T changed? For one, the XP curve, possibly my least favourite part of the game. It puts the first 30-45 minutes of your standard Dragon Warrior game to shame, it’s that bad. The typical monster takes too long to fight, does too much damage and gives too little XP. And since you can’t go on to your class without first mastering the “Novice” class (the job everyone starts out in) you need to gather a LOT of XP. The Novice class is another major problem. You need to actually advance in its levels before you can do stuff that, normally, everyone should be able to do. Like emoticons, or sitting down, or forming chat rooms and parties. That you need to fight 130 porings before you can SIT YOUR LEATHER-CLAD ASS DOWN is a pure insult.

The servers haven’t improved much, still preety sluggish. The english, as I’ve mentioned before, actually has gotten WORSE instead of better. Why they released this beta to the US and Australia if they weren’t going to bother equipping us with decent servers or learning our fucking language…also an insult.

Lastly, is it just me or is stuff TOO FUCKING EXPENSIVE? I probably will need to fight another 650 or so monsters before I’ll have the fluff and other crap neccessary to sell for pennies in order to accumulate the Zeny (the currency in this game) needed to buy ONE FUCKING PIECE OF EQUIPMENT (I already have a Sword, but that’s all they give you, at least if you’re a swordsman), and odds are fighting those monsters will be a LOT easier had I had that shield/armor TO FUCKING BEGIN WITH!

In conclusion, it seems Gravity is not keen on learning from their errors. That, or no one has bothered to point out to them that they even exist. Perhaps I’ll send them an e-mail. Nah, they wouldn’t understand it. Anyway, it shocks me that a country that appreciates Diablo so much that it’s a leading cause of death (6 hours in an Internet Cafe) can’t come close to duplicating it without me feeling that pouring tabasco into my iris would be a more fun way to waste my time.

I think that the fact it takes so fracking long to download is enough of a bad thing going for it- not to mention how HARD it is to get a GOOD download. >_<

The EXP thing is the only thing that sucks, besides the bastardized English.


By god, even Eden has better English.

I love the bastardized English. It’s hilarious =P. You also don’t encounter it too much anyways, so I don’t worry about it really.

The downloads weren’t really a problem for me because I got a burned disc of it.

Yeah it does seem kind of wierd that you have to actually level up a few times just do to stuff you should be able to do at the start. I mean it took like 2 hours just for me to get to level 10.

I didn’t really notice the bad english. I didn’t do much reading on RO.

I spent 3 hours, and I got nowhere near Lv. 10. I think right now I’m at, oh, Lv. 6, and I estimate it’ll take 20 minutes to level up again. And I’ll probably die twice in the meantime. It’s just not fun.

Roun: Oh, yes, thank you for reminding me. Back then, it was at least FUCKING DOWNLOADABLE FROM THEIR MAIN SITE. Now, only certain mirrors work, and even then, they don’t work anyway.

I couldn’t stop laughing at their l33t English skillz or lack thereof. It was so fucked up I just found it funny.

X, I’m not sure if you did this, but when I was at the training ground, I levelled up to base level 5 with the fabres. When I got out, I got to level 10 novice in about half an hour. The fabres in the training ground are just easy exp, you should have killed a few hundred of them first.

I’ve actually found it easy to level up in this game, and I’ve even fucked up the stats on my mage.

I did get to Lv. 3 with them, but they were so easy I assumed they had toned the monsters down since I last played, so I figured I’d do it oldskool thereon out. Boy was I wrong.

You could always get a tankin’.

A what?

Tanking in like Diablo 2 is where a much higher level charcter takes the damage for you while you get the EXP

Usually costs money though but I’m sure one of us could do it for free

Tanking: To have a fighter with High HP provoke high EXP monsters and take a beating as you kill them. You get a lot of EXP from it.

A. I know none of you who are around the region in the game (dunno WHAT region I’m in, for that matter) that could do that
B. Don’t have the zeny
C. The fact that this shit is REQUIRED to get anywhere in the game makes it suck more

X give me your name and I can tank for you.

Xelo has an Acolyte which probably has a warp point to where you are. As for where you are go to where all the people are and just ask what town you are in. More often than not they will answer you.(Also unless you changed towns you probably should be in Izlude which is I think where the swordsmen start out)

Tanking isn’t really required. It more of a fast way to get past the early levels quickly.

Yeah, I’ve got Prontera which could cover Izlude Geffen and Alberta as well, and I’ve got Payon and Morroc. What class town are you in X?

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
A. I know none of you who are around the region in the game (dunno WHAT region I’m in, for that matter) that could do that
B. Don’t have the zeny

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> It’s pretty easy to get about everywhere on the world map. You can easily walk from Izlude to Geffen in 5 minutes, or take the boat in Izlude to Alberta, etc. And you’ll be poor for quite some time, until you start offering your services as tanking. Be happy, you can have a steady income. I sell crap I find on the floor.

At least they improved the battle areas so nobody gets killed in the first 5 minutes. The battle system itself still sucks ass, though.

yeah X tanks are great things when they’re free but unless you get one of us to do it (such as framie) then i doubt you get a free one.
Also, frame whats UR NAM CUZ JO R COL WITH GREAT HAPPINESS…i have no idea where that came from

Eh. The only thing I’ve ever held against RO is the fucking installer size. And the DL speed. And the instability of the servers.