Ragnarok Online Official thread

I’m going for an Alcolyte.

I’ve got it downloaded, but won’t be able to play for a while. need my rest

My Mage is gonna whoop yo arses!

I was trying to connect to Chaos last night but had problems. I’ll try again later.

Lets take a picture of our chars and post them here so we can reconize them first glance (Add name too =P)

I’m on Chaos as Nulani; the Acolyte.

I’m on Chaos with a Merchant. Name’s Elley.

Here’s me
I’m the one with blue hair and a ribbon.
Yeah I needed to share that picture.

Here’s what I would look like with kitty ears ^^

And I’m the one with the knife right below Mayple. Yay.

I’m on either server, my name is Framie.

I’ll be on Chaos then
Look for Saelelas, a green-haired swordman

points at sig
I said I was making Archer Girl :stuck_out_tongue:
Her name’s Candice

snuggles Maple with kitty ears ^^

Bashing Monsters never been funnier :slight_smile:

Edit : Saelelas is now a Swordman

Im known as Shalcar, the Acoylyte (to be :stuck_out_tongue: )

Alright, we may not have our guild (yet) but I find Party much more useful. Sharing Xp, Radara and such, I suggest we all enter the same party and never leave it, so we can see who’s on and who’s not. I created one, named RPGClassics. Frame, Kagon and I are already in it.

And I shall add, after getting your class, get someone to warp you to Pronteras, go to the west gate, and save your respawn there. Its a lot easier to meet and play

Well, my characters are on the chaos server…

If we need a thief I could bring mine in, but she’s not getting much action… mages are much more fun.

Daemoness, Thief: 31
Daemoness, Mage:26

Ill get pictures… if I get unlazy.

My mage could use a party, she needs a good meat sheild in front of her :stuck_out_tongue:

Nulani the Queen of Benches!

I never knew how to go on benches or chairs

Whatever, I quit Ragnarok.

That’s all I have to say.

Why Flint?

And I have Another Character, Framey, soon to be theif.