Ragnarok Online Official thread

uh… yeah.
Everyone that have RO, we should party up and play togheter.
Even make a guild. (I was thinking “Dark Knights” for name and Black/Purple for colors.)
I’m gonna retry downloading it tommorow (Or tonight, while I sleep)
So, what will be your chars? (Or what are they?)
I’d get a Male Wizard, and a swordman too. I always liked those 2 classes. Then maybe a healer

I’m going to make a female merchant most likely. People always tend to be nicer to girls anyways in MMORPGs >_>

Why does booken get to make the clan -again- :stuck_out_tongue:

I vote we just uhh… I duno, don’t have a clan right away? Eh.

I duno what I am going to do, maybe it will actually INSTALL this time, god forbid THAT dreaded thing should actually happen.


Yeah, we’ll have a clan later. Don’t worry about it now.


My second DL of the install thing won’t work! >:|

Anger. Rage. Stabby pain. My poor desk which I banged my head on.

Anyone with a -working- copy care to share were they got it from?


male assasin yo

You’ll need to contact Frameskip for one

I’'lll try to download it tonight. I’m kinda curious abotu it but it’s MASSIVE.

Um…everybody does realize that you don’t pick your gender, right? Your character is automatically made the gender that you registered your account as, which is actually pretty smart since it discourages males going around as females to take advantage of guys. Too bad it discourages RPing, but it’s impossible to RP in RO anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

…they just give me stuff themselves…I swear

Who wants to join my clan? We’ll call it the “Fluffy bunnies” and make our colors red and white! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have AG, but as I said before, she’s not joining the clan. I might make a meat shield for the clan if there’s a shortage, but I’ll probably go with acolyte instead of thief.

I’ll join with an archer, a swordsman, and maybe a maghe or theif. We just need to decide on a server, Loki is what I’ve been on, and they have Chaos too.

Aim me if you need the installers.

Originally posted by Kagon
I’m going to make a female merchant most likely. People always tend to be nicer to girls anyways in MMORPGs >_>

No comment.

Oh boy… then my chars will be female, lol
the nick Booken was already took, so I used Bookeness and clicked Female.

We should call the clan the Night Riders.

And MG doesn’t want to be in the clan, she just wants to be with AG ;_;

I have no idea what class I’ll be; it’s ages since I even bothered checking what classes there are and not to mention what’s going on in the RO World. I’ll probably be someone named Nulani though.

Now. Let’s see if Fileplanet’s nice today.

I’m at 94% done =D
And I know what chars I’ll make now
I’ll create a swordman called Saelelas, probably try to give her green hair.
I’ll also create a Mage called Bookeness, she’ll have Fiery hair
And my last one would be a marchant, donnow what to call her

If there’s a clan let’s make it on Loki.
(Then MG and AG can still be together on Chaos ^^)

So we all gonna be on Loki?

I can’t connect to Loki.
If I’m going to be in it, it has to be on Chaos.

suddenly everybody votes to have it on Loki

There are multiple character slots, so I could make a seperate character to join the clan…

Actually, I might be able to get on Loki. It just doesn’t work for me 95% of the time.

You guys do realize the game is only free for this month, then it’s going to be p2p?

So? A month of fun. I’ll be on choas too :smiley: