Ragnarok Online isnanity (me just starting I mean)

URGE TO KILL RISING! This game is cool! But it TOO HARD to get started in it! I DESPISE it! UGH!!! btw, I died like, 30 minutes into it & tried again only to get killed by a bat. I"m pissed now. Anyways…DAMN YOU TD! Curse you & your good char! screams crying into the night

Anyways, I put this up here to explain & ask a few things:

  1. I want to be a weak little mage that sits in the back while everyone else is a nice meat shield (mmmmmm meeeeaaatttt…)
  2. I also have an archer char, who I’d like to be in the back while everyone is a meat shield. ^.^

The begining isn’t really as hard as long. There isn’t really a downside to dying yet I don’t think. I just use it to get back to town get sometimes 1/2 my hp back

Also, there is another RO thread in the PC forum so you might want to post there.

The thread in the PC forum is for this.