Radio Play Auditions

'lo all.

I’m typing this up to gauge interest in something I’ve been working on for a while now: Online Radio Plays. I’ve seen them done before and they can be quite interesting and fun. As I’m on the brink, pending my shrine soon completes it’s rather lengthy stay in the limbo known as review, on regaining my position on the staff and am contemplating making a subsite hosting these radio plays. My first attempt will be “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare. I’ll be accepting auditions as of today, preferrably sent to me either through a link in a PM or send them to me through MSN Instant Messenger at

Here’s a link to the Dramatis Personae (Cast of Characters)

and here’s a link to the play itself

Give it a read through, and send me a voice recording and inform me of which character you are auditioning for and I will get back to you with results within a couple of weeks. If you’re a skilled voice actor you can take on multiple roles if you so please and I allow it. Remember: Just because it’s Shakespearean doesn’t mean you need to use a corny british accent. Record the line however you believe the character would sound. I’d appreciate it if you do audition that you send me a recording of you performing at least 5 lines so I can get a feel of how you would sound as a perticular character.

(I know this should be in the media forum but more people will see it here and for other reasons…like me being banned from it :P)

Thanks for you time.

Looks interesting. I may audition for a part if I feel up to it, and I can muster up enough courage. :stuck_out_tongue:

This sounds really interesting. I won’t be auditioning though. I’m not an actor in any sense of the word.

Hell yeah, I’ll do it. I’ve been wanting to get into voice acting.

HOW BORING! :slight_smile:


Oh, while I’m at it: I’m also looking for various sound effects and an opening song for the play itself. If you have anything, preferrably an original work for the opening song, send it my way.

While I’m at it the audition deadline is the 28th of August, and the sooner you get your audition to me the better, although it looks like I’m probably gonna end up scrapping this due to lack of interest.

I’m closing this by Jango’s request. He’s going to start a new one, with a play that will probably generate a bit more interest.