Radiata Stories Problem...

So I’ve found this little Golden Turtle that spawns outside of the goblin town that when killed gives 1exp and a little over 10,000 dagols. Alot of faqs and guides say that this turtle respawns when you sleep. HOWEVER, it does not do so for me.

I found and killed it the first time when I had just started my missions on the non-human side and went back to the base and slept. Upon returning he was not there like the guides said he would be. I sighed and continued playing the game. A few (real life) days later I was playing and decided to check it out for shits and giggles and he was there again. Now I’m wondering what I did to reset him.

At first I thought it was the act of turning off the game and loading again. But sure enough, I tried that and it didnt do it. I don’t know if its on a real world timer or not. Has anyone else got any info on this little gold turtle?

I need dagols and I’m not going to gameshark it!

well maybe it speeks of real life days because you said you waited a couple of em.

In which case I’ll have to be changing the date on my PS2 alot… God this is alot of trouble for money.

i may be wrong i havn’t ever played the game. it could be your ps2 or the disk. i’m just guessing lol. If you really want money do it the old fashoin way and fight random battles till you got it.

The same thing happened to me. The turtle didn’t respawn no matter how many times I made Jack sleep.

well just get the turtle when you can and do other stuff to get money that’ll always work.

I’m at the end of the game, maxing out all the items I have (with alot of money) is all I can do at this point, lol. Then again, I do need to go to the final dungeon and get Lenneth Valkyrie…

this game sounds good if only i hadn’t been born a cheapass with no money :slight_smile: