Racist Tsunami Song

My friend told me about this yesterday. Apparently a morning radio show in New York played a rap song full of racial slurs against asians. For a week. It’s all about ridiculing the vistims of the tsunami and that the orphans will now be sold into child slavery.


I’ve tried finding a clip of this on the internet but I’ve had no luck. If anyone can get a hold of one let me know. I want to listen to this for myself.

Bastards. It takes 31.3 years for a tragedy to be funny. A month hasn’t even passed by.

Rap, bah!

9/11’s funny now, your logic’s flawed.


At least the assholes got fired.

What the hell? It’s one thing to write a fucking song about that, and another to actually play it. Common sense doesn’t seem so common anymore. Fire their asses.

How in the world did this last for an entire week?

I hope these individuals drown in their own urine. Don’t ask how this is supposed to happen, but I hope it does. Its one thing to make crude jokes in private about something bad, but to play it on the air is a whole different truck.

Yeah, I heard about that on the bigscreen tv in the atrium at school. That’s pretty frikkin’ low…I don’t see how anyone besides a neonazi skinhead could find that even remotely amusing.

Yes, this is stupid and shameful.

Good news from Sin, though.

The least they could do is make the song clever. But nooo- it’s tasteless, not funny, and absolutely offensive. They got what they deserved.

They didn’t get sacked, only suspended.

And they also opted to give a weeks pay from the entire morning show staff to the relief efforts.

That’s not a big deal…they’re only doing it so they can keep their jobs. I don’t believe racist people will change their views within a few days.