How do you do quotes.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the big quote button on every post. It couldn’t possibly be that obvious, now could it?


what quote button? There’s a fucking button for this shit?! I had to learn scripting to do this crap… God I hate this board, its like the smart people get all the attention and EASY stuff makingz.

Like typing [ QUOTE ] and [ /QUOTE ] are really that hard (minus spaces, of course).

4 years of highschool and I barely figured that out… Thanks teach!

How about quoting more than one user on the same thread in one reply?

[ QUOTE=“Whoever” ] This is the first quote [ /QUOTE ]

[ QUOTE= “Someone else” ] This is the second one [ /QUOTE ]

You hit the quote button for the first person, copy what’s inputted, then quote the next person.



Ok, thanks a lot. :wink: