Quitting WoW

I’m thinking of quitting WoW and starting DDO but I want to see if there is any other games I should play instead of DDO,so if you have any good MMORPG’s I’d like to here about them.

Quitting WoW for something like DDO makes no sense.

Quitting WoW is a good idea in general.

Playing DDO isn’t. It’s pretty much shit, and you’ll have finished the entire game in a week. And I don’t mean a week of time played, I mean a WEEK.

You should totally quit WoW and play RO like booken did. You know, because RO is more balanced.

Playing DDO isn’t.

What about Ultima Online?Is that a good game?

RO had a decent community at least. WoW is a cesspool socially. But quitting WoW for RO is still lollerific.

Vanguard is the latest challenger to WoW’s throne. It’s gotten good advance looks. Something to consider, but I’m not leaving WoW for quite a while.

“Had” being the operative word here. It kinda sucks now, but there’s still a few good people around.

Sure it was. 7 years ago.

The only decent looking MMOs on the horizon are Age of Conan and World of Warhammer, neither of which will be out for a long time (Though AoC will go into open beta in January or so). Quit now and use this time to get reacquainted with your family and friends.

Also Vanguard looks rather shitty, even though it’s high profile. I really don’t have any hopes for it whatsoever… despite how I keep reading “Dread Knight” as “Bread Knight”, which would be the greatest class ever.

Woop woop for WoWarhammer

I used to be excited about Vanguard when it was announced 2 years ago, but now it looks generic like all the other MMOs…

Ultima Online is the ONLY MMORPG that I actually enjoyed playing. There are actually free (though technically illegal) servers out there with lots of cool features. Plus I hear that they’re releasing a new UO game that totally updates all the graphics and stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Warhammer fantasy universe, but nothing I’ve read shows that it will break the current MMO mold.

If you’re into FPS games like Unreal Tournament, you might be interested in the MMOFPS Huxley. Although it is designed by a Korean company, and you know how Korean MMOs tend to be total grindfests.

I cant figure out how to start playing UO.How do I start playing UO?

How old are you???

City of Heroes!

sits in an isolated corner, waving his little flag

All I’m going to say in response to this topic is quitting WoW and starting up UO is like quitting drinking then getting hooked on cocaine.

I think it would be a good idea to have a no MMORPG month or so. My friends said they would only play WoW for 3 months then stop for a while, but 2 years later they still can’t quit. One of them sleepwalks and pretends he’s a dwarf leading an army against the Horde!

Call me an old “get off my lawn” type gamer, but I have tried Asheron’s Call/Everquest/City of Heroes/WoW.

Asheron’s Call I only played during the beta and it was fun. I can’t comment on the longevity of it though.

Everquest SUCKED. Not even worth talking about it.

City of Heroes had probably the best gameplay for actual fighting, but got boring fast.

WoW has beautiful graphics and a nice story, but the gameplay had way too many oddities and bad quirks. Blizzard also aims too much for 1-dimensional characters. I lasted a month with it and then got bored.

The online rpg I have played the most and still feel like going back to? MUDs! Graphics are wonderful, but the depth, creativity, and imagination of old muds still appeal to me. Graphics and thousands of players can be constricting when it comes to gameplay. MUDs have so much freedom. I have wanted to try Ultima Online to see how it compares, but I doubt it is the same.