Well, thats that. I had to go home for 2 weeks this comming friday before school starts up again (Digipen Institute of Technology.
In response to this, my manager put me on a month probation for needing to leave for 2 weeks… In response, I quit. I was going to have to quit for school in 3 weeks anyway. This just gets it out of the way.

The only thing to do now, though… is re-activate my EQ account and kill time.

Good standing up for yourself. Also have you ever seen Intermission? I’m not sure if it was released there. There’s a guy in it who’s like what I think your boss sounds like. Anyway, one of the main characters decides to quit after been given out to for puking in something he told his boss he was allergic to. But before that, he throws a can of fried beans at him and knocks him out. That, I imagine, was quite satisfying. Pity you can’t do it in real life.

nobody quits RPGC, you’ll be back soon.

PS: I didnt read the thread.

Digipen, woo.

Hey TD, can I stick my fingers in your avatar?

Is TD’s avatar what I think it is…? ::dekar!::

I managed to quit EQ…
…only to start playing FF XI.

Yes. Yes it is.

I wanna go to digipen ;_;.

I just managed to quit FFXI… only to RETURN to EQ! lol…

And yes, Digipen rocks.

I managed to NOT play any of those and I feel infinitely superior than you for it. I will now stroke my ego.

Yeeeessss Iga…you have a bigger penis than all of them…yessssss.

I’ve been thinking of switching to digipen next year.