Quina's Gender.

I think I may have found Quina’s gender.

Quina is most likely female. I did a little test.

I equipped Zidane’s ‘Protect Girls’ ability, and he took damage in place of Quina.

Sorry if this has been posted already.


But you’re right it that aspect. Also s/he can use certain women’s equipment.

But there are plenty of counter arguements too.

Which is why I didn’t say I was 100% sure that Quina was female.

But the ‘Protect Girls’ case is a damn good one.

Quina’s an IT.

Zidane protects IT because he too, is unsure of Quina’s gender. So he’s like, what the hell, ya know.

I wouldn’t say “It”. I’d say s/he’s “gender neuteral”. “It” usualy refers to objects.

Yeah, if the game goes out of its way to call Quina “s/he” then Quina is meant to be gender-neutral. However, I should note that it uses “his” when referring to Quina, not “his/her”. :sunglasses:

Maybe Quina is like the Galka in FF11. IT says they have no gender(because the reproduce through reincarnation), but everything from their looks, to their speach, to their behavior is manly. they even put a male symbol on their name when it comes to character creation. Is there even a “gender neutral” symbol ? Did anyone else notice that the symbol for Female is an ankh, which is the egyptian symbol for rebirth ? feels like an idiot stating the obvious “hey look everyone… the sky is blue !!!”

Ohh, cool.

Well, s/he did get married.

So there’s hope for us all.

According to one of the Genomes wandering around Terra, the Genomes themselves are asexual; meaning, they are not male nor female, with the possible exceptions of Makoto and Zidane.

Perhaps Quina is as well?

You’d figure that Zidane would be sterile. So no babies. And from Zidane’s personality, no surprises.

Quina married a 9 year old. h/se is a perv ! “ohh baby, meso happy, meso happy. melove you long time”

Well, the symbol for female is usually ascribed to the symbol for Venus, as opposed to male being the symbol for Mars. I wasn’t aware that the ankh was an Egyptian symbol or that it was the one for rebirth.

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