Quick update and funny thing.

I’m doing a thing called “Corporal’s Course,” which is a leadership course. In it we learna bunch Marine Corps things, drill, and PT. Since it is hear in Africa, it is open to the other branches. The funny thing is that the Army guys are saying that we are pretty hard core because of the PT and stuff, but the PT we’re doing is actually pretty easy. It is cool to work with the other branches though and get to know how they work and stuff. Like it is funny, some of the Army guys bring up that they are revservists (maybe as an excuse for not being in as good of shape or doing the stuff as well), but it is funny since most of the Marines in the class are in my unit (which is a reserve unit).

In other news, I’m doing fine out here. I can’t wait to get back home though. It is crazy boring out here. Aside from Corporal’s Course, every day here is the same. Just about 3 more months left.