Quick Sketches

I churned these out a while back, and thought you might like to see 'em :slight_smile:




They’re just character sketches for a little white mage I was planning a fanfic about. Hope you like :slight_smile:

Very nice!I like the second one most…

Umm… is it a chick?

I guess I should’ve said :stuck_out_tongue: Kinda hard to tell, ne?

It’s a boy >.>

Either way, he’s hot. ^^

How cute! I like em’ very well! Nice work! :smiley: :cool:

White Mage is supposed to be a guy :stuck_out_tongue: 8-bit theatre should be sued for false advertising, or something.

Two and Three have slightly longer arm lengths than a standard human, I think, but I wish I could draw like that :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice sketches Lunar. I could never hope to draw that good.

P.S. He’s hawt.

Aww, he’s so cute :slight_smile: Especially the third one.

Cless: In FF-Origins I must say that WM looks very female as a wizard. It’s hard to tell, but she(?) seems to have breasts on the chibi version walking around on the maps, and her hair looks rather female as well. Thick and soft looking, not like the guys.
Then again, BW could be Vivi…

Yeah, I agree that the WM in Origins looks more female than before. This isn’t THE white mage, though, just A white mage. Thanks for the feedback, guys ^^

Maybe Squaresoft people read 8-bit theatre and changed their minds :stuck_out_tongue:

Or it WAS a woman from the start. Either that or it was their first bishie boy, after all! :o

White Mage could be a hermaphrodyte.


A terrifying prospect indeed O_o

Disturbing thoughts aside - Nice pics you’ve got there. Now, thoughts about drawing the FF1 cast for the umpteenth time rise again. But… >_> NO SCANNING POSSIBILITY :((((

Those are all really good, Lunar. :slight_smile: I like the third one best.