Quick question

Does anyone know where I can find a website to make my own board for free,I looked around and asked around but I can’t find anything,So I was hoping someone here would know.(Is this posted in the right area?)

look around for PHPbb and places such as that.

<a href=“http://www.proboards.com”>Proboards</a> is cheat and easy.



What, RPGClassics not good enough for you, Mr. I Need My Own Board man? <_<

Pheraps he wants a board he’ll be able to show his children without regreting it someday.

No such board exists.

Hey, off the topic, sorry, but - Darkstar, do you use Slackware?


That’s true. There’s so much moping and dick-hardening going on, not to mention the “did you see on the news theres a boob lol” stuff.

The intellect is dead. And your modem is the box they buried it in.

Kraken, that sentence of yours goes to history.

Oh, and that was so much like Nietzsche!

Nope why?,And RPG Classics is good,But the more places I have to rp,The better

Ah, just your name, sorry.
It’s nothing.


buy vBulletin, cheapass

Cause he sure has an SQL/PHP server all set up.

Keep the RPing in the bedroom. plzkthnxbbqlolz!