Quick question (looking at you chemistry nerds 'n shit)

Since I’m not unbanned from the chat <!-- yet -->, I guess I am asking it here. All you medical expert creatures could maybe clarify this to me. I never was the biology human body type.

The daily maximum dose a human can safely take of acetaminomophen is 10g. That’s 10g for 24 hours. If over that, by like 0.25g and onward, dangerous side effects occur, including liver failure.

But let’s say a dose of 2.5g was taken in a span of 1 hour. The half life of acetaminomophen is 1-4 hours, depending on capsule size (500mg = 4 hour). Is this safe?

According to my elite math skills, 10g/24h, can also ratio into approximately 0.466g/1h. Would this still be considered a safe dosage per hour?

If so, explain your reasoning, since each capsule is 500mg, and it is administered at the same time (500g at the same time), then 1 capsule should be an overdose. :>

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did your goth girlfriend OD on childrens tylenol or something? or are you just trying to show off how much you can handle? I sense a normal Setz thread coming on.

Actually, it’s out of curiosity, to further my knowledge of biochemistry.

If you’re actually trying to expand your knowledge of chemistry why are you asking on a video game forum? Did you ever consider Wikipedia or Google? I’m not trolling, I AM curious as to why you immediately select us for all of your personal and academic needs. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did go to Wikipedia, that’s where this question arose. They did not answer that question directly in the article I had search for “overdose” and “acetminomophen”.

If you’re going to get high, do it on something decent. Why waste it on tylenol?

That safe daily dosage is for people who make regular use of the drug.

When you see some “safe daily dosage” on something, keep in mind that it’s assumed the stuff will be used continously by the patient. If you only have to take it once and then you’ll keep away from the substance for a long period, then monstly you can take a larger dose.

Just think like this: Drinking yourself 'til you get smashed once or twice a year won’t kill you, but if you drink 1 can of beer on every meal, on the long term your liver will suffer.

Actually, I thought of that beforehand. It’s 8g if used continually, and 10g if used every so often. It’s not read on the bottle, but on Wiki.

But let’s say a dose of 2.5g was taken in a span of 1 hour. Is this safe?
No. I’m no expert, but I know that an extra strength Tylenol is 500mg, and I would NOT take five of those fucking things at once.

According to my elite math skills, 10g/24h, can also ratio into approximately 0.466g/1h. Would this still be considered a safe dosage per hour?
No. That’s why on the bottle it says to take one every four hours.

10g is the MAXIMUM safe dose. I’d stay FAR below that. Don’t push your luck.

I thought you weren’t posting here for a while. You’re a goddamn liar. And thus, I give you this:
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So 0.5~g/hour isn’t considered safe? By your logic, that means that it’s safe for 24/4=> 6capsules/24h. 6X500mg = 3g. 3g is reccomended daily, then. But each capsule is 500mg, so 500mg/1hour, by your logic, is dangerous.


1cap = 500mg
1000mg = 1g

10g/24h = max dose
0.466g/1h = max dose per hour, according to math

1cap/4h = 6cap/24h = reccomended dose
0.250cap/1h = reccomended dose per hour

0.250/h*500mg = 250mg/h = 0.25g/h = reccomended dose

But each capsule is 500g, unable to split into smaller integers. 0.5g > 0.466g, so therefore 1 capsule is higher than overdose.

Well then, to further up your knowledge, there are some drugs that, when taken, sometimes display an effect called by some “flashback”. It means you get stoned today, then you completely abstain yourself from the stuff, and then a week later, or maybe a month later (where I live, there’s a herb whose tea can give a flashback up to around a semester after the last dose) you’ll be stoned again without having to retake it.

I’ll let you do the research on the topic by yourself now.

That’s exactly what I’m saying. What the hell kind of pain do you have that requires 3g of acetaminophen?

A broken heart. He’s trying to suicide because of a lost love :o

if you want to get fucked up just snort it instead, works better

That’s not what I am saying. I’m saying that the 1capsule/4hours is still higher than the overdose.

So what?

That means that these 500mg capsules of aspirin are DANGEROUS if even you took one pill.

It isn’t. 1 per hour is higher than overdose. 1 per 4 hours is fine. It’s all about when you take them and how long they take to course through your system and be used up. The idea is to not have too much in your system at once. 500mg is fine all at once. 500mg every hour for 4 hours is dangerous.

You take a capsule at point A in time. Point A is the beginning of one hour. That’s still 1capsule/hour. Even if I took one capsule, and no more today, for that one hour; I am overdosing. :confused: