Quick Mega Man Zero 3 question.

I just got the game and I wanted to ask: Is Dr.Weil a mistranslation of Dr.Willy or it’s a different name?

I skimmed through the script a little bit, and though he’s definitely a mad scientist, I think it’s just a coincidence. But some people who are trying to link the X, Zero and original MM series together may say otherwise.


Uhm… the ARE linked, the three series can be put into a timeline (Well, up to X6 at least, then Capcom fucks the continuity with X7). As far as I know, Legends and Battle Network are the only ones made in an elseworld.

Um. Um um um. They COULD be, but since Capcom are a) not saying and b) the worst plotters EVER, it’d be hard getting anyone to prove it. Plus they fucked up the continuua at X5 as well I think.