Is FF:CC (Final Fantasy: Crystal Chhronicles) an RPG?

Actually, after some thinking, I thinki it is an RPG. It doesn’t have a strong story, but it is still an RPG. The leveling is untraditioanl, but tradition doesn’t make a RPG.

It is if we say it is! (we do)
There’s stats up and world maps etc, so it seems like an RPG, but it’s all dungeons, so that makes it less of an RPG. The RPG stuff outweights more though.

If it’s a Final Fantasy game, more than likely it has to have some RPG concepts.

It’s in the style of X2 [with missions and such], so I’d say yes but barely.

well it does not have missions. It has side-quests.

I’m worried it is being billed as an RPG in the same way as the Zelda series, which I love, but they are NOT RPG’s. I haven’t gotten FF:CC yet, although as soon as I can I intend to buy it.

After buying Phantasy Star Online expecting an RPG and getting a third-person shooter with side quests, I tend to research games a bit more before I buy them. Although I did buy PSO on Gamecube and still play it, I was originally disappointed when I first got it for DC.

FFCC doesn’t have the puzzle solving like Zelda, plus it has stats, which is why I consider it an RPg and the Zelda games Adventure games.

PSO also has stats, but I don’t consider it an RPG at all. You can even level up. Still not an RPG. The complete and total lack of a cohesive storyline is what keeps PSO from RPGhood, although I doubt FF:CC has that problem being a FF game. I am looking forward to buying it no matter what genre it belongs in.

That is because PSO is MMORPG, which don’t have big large stories. With that reasoning, FF11 isn’t an RPG either, but I highly doubt anyone would say it isn’t. FFCC has even less of a story than PSO and it doesn’t even have levels, but it has enough for me to consider it an RPG.

I consider it an RPG.

I divde my rpgs into three categories adventure rpg, tactical rpg, and pure rpg. For me, ff:cc falls into adventure rpg, along with the zelda series.

All the Front Missions have some kind of levelling system, and also are mission based. You can argue it’s an RPG too, since it also, in fact, is turn based. The fact that it involves strategy, does it matter to it’s RPG status?