Does anyone know where I can get the MIDI from Dark Cloud 1 intro?

I can’t find it anywhere.


did ya look it up on google?

Ya, i got mp3 but I need MIDI’S for RPGMAKER.

lemme see if I can find something

is it from final fantasy 3? I’m sorry, I’ve just never heard of that and I was wondering if it was the game or ffiii. Cause all I find is stuff on FFiii.

It’s from Dark Cloud intro…

The game is called Dark Cloud. Check it out sometime, it’s different.

Yeah, though Dark Chronicle is much better… Dark Cloud is still a cute game :slight_smile:
Lesse, VGmusic is back up… but they only have Matataki Village and Moon Sea :confused: Look in RPGamer’s music section, they might have something. (Forgive me, Merl…)

I checked that site already.

I REALLY need that MIDI!

Yeah, I’ve played the second Dark Cloud. Sorry, I was just getting alot of FFIII midis off the search I assumed it was Final Fantasy. Sorry I can’t find anything. But if I do find something, I’ll let you know