Question on Unlimited SaGa

I couldn’t find complete info on this in any FAQ. What are all the characters each main can recruit, and what are their costumes and personalities? Also, can you give LP values for them all?

Here is the guide I made for myself to post at the boards if someone asked. I’ve been lazy about submitting it. I’ll get the exact LP values later. I’m watching something. But first the LP values. Anzan (22), Armand (21), Armic (14), Edel (14), Francis (19), Grace (16), Henri (12), Hiro (14), Iskandar (17), Josef (7), Judy (10), Kong Ming (15), Kurt (17), Laura (15), Marie (8), Michelle (6), Mordeus (9), Musol Yanii (14), Mythe (13), Norff (13), Nuage (17), Pharr (8), Platyphyllum (20), Rebecca (11), Roy (20), Ruby (18), Sapphire (10), Silver Girl (15), Thomas (19), Tiffon (13), Vearst (22), Ventus (16). That’s all of them. Although after completing the entire game LP isn’t as a big factor as I thought it would be. Still a factor, but ah well.

Laura’s Quest

Laura: You start as her.

Henri: He joins you before your first quest.

Judy: You must talk to her at information in
Wanda before you do another quest.

Michelle: Once you reach Longshank and go
on the next main adventure

Francis: After you have gone through the
scene at Iskandar Plaza, he should join
shortly after you return to the Vaftom Inn.

Platyphyllum: She joins at the Wood Gear Quest.

Armic: He joins at the Water Gear Quest.

Musol Yanii: He joins at the Metal Gear Quest

Anzan: He joins at the Earth Gear Quest.

Judy’s Quest

Judy: You start as her.

Kurt: He joins at Jade Forest.

Thomas: He joins when you reach Serin. He
joins again after you return to Sadavos
with Rebecca in your party.

Armand: He joins after the quest to rescue Ursala

Roy: He joins during “That Familiar Big Back”

Nuage: Speak to him at the Inn Gadeira .

Marie: Meet her at Longshank’s Inn

Rebecca: She joins during “I’m coming for you mom”

Josef: He joins you before the final battles.

Ruby’s Quest

Ruby: You start as her

Hiro: He joins you on your first quest.

Iskandar: He joins you after your second quest.

Sappahire: She joins you after your second quest.

Mythe: He joins at Underground City Pharaos.

Grace: She joins at Star Ship Anchor

Anzan: He joins at Nakle Lines

Kong Ming: He joins at Two Moons Temple.

Roy: He joins at Flying Island

Ventus Quest

Ventus: You start as him.

Tiffon: She joins you after your first delivery

Francis: Take a delivery from Longshank to Zomar

Ruby: Visit the Carrier Guild in Longshank. Then
start a delivery unless you are already in the
middle of one then leave town and she should join.

Thomas: He joins after the Vale of Swords. Which
is required to reach Serin and eventually Sadavos.

Vearst: Joins when you return to Wanda’s Carrier
Guild after visitng the Carrier Guild at
Long Shank and Fugar Mansion.

MUsol Yanii: Joins in the middle of Dagul Bos Castle.

Mordeus: Speak to him at the Inn in Nivacolina
before doing the Leith Torles Tower Quest.

Silver Girl: After trying to open the doors in
Underground City Pharaos, leave by going to the
ascending steps. Meet her at the Inn in
Iskandaria under information


Mythe: You start as him.

Sapphire: She joins after you visit the Fortune Teller Shop.
But after you’ve started the Dry Well quest and left.

Tiffon: Talk to her in Information at Gadeira and she should
join near the end of “Tiffon’s Secret”.

Grace: She joins when you reach Nivacolina.

Pharr: She joins when you reach Iskandaria.

Laura: After the adventure you do when you reach Iskandaria.
You should return to Longshank. After a few scenes and a short
quest she should join your party.

Marie: The second time you go to Iskandar Plaza, she’ll join j
ust before a quest.

Silver Girl: She joins after the quest where you get Marie.

Michelle: She joins after you return to Mythe’s workshop in


Note: For those who join you after a tablet is deciphered remember
this. When Yun deciphers the fourth tablet. The fourth elemental dungeon is
replaced by another dungeon. And hence forth you can not get that member.
So if you do the Earth Tablet as the fourth tablet then Kong Ming will
not join for example.

Armic: You start as him.

Norff: He joins at Information in Chapa.

Nuage: He joins at information in Loch Vaan.

Kong Ming: After the Earth Tablet is deciphered, he’ll join in the next
main avdventure

Pharr: After the Wood Tablet is deciphered, she’ll join in the next
main avdventure

Edel: After the Metal Tablet is deciphered, he’ll join in the next
main avdventure

Rebecca: After the Fire Tablet is deciphered, she’ll join in the next
main avdventure

Henri: Once you complete the Earth Tablet Dungeon talk to everyone in

Vearst: Once you complete the Earth Tablet Dungeon talk to everyone in

Note: Wanda and Zomar doe not open up until after you complete the
Earth Tablet Dungeon. If the Earth Tablet is the fourth tablet you
decipher you will not be able gain either of these characters.


Kurt: You start as him

Ventus: He joins during “The depressed Carrier”.

Armand: He joins during “Big Ol’ Rascals”.

Platyphyllum: She joins during “Jade Forest”.

Josef: He joins after you visit the Magic Emporium in Sadavos.

Norff: Once LOch Vaan is open go to the Crimson Spell shop.

Mordeus: He joins during “Monster Hunters”.

Edel: He joins during “Waiting for the Shrine.”

Hiro: Once Vaftom is open, go to Iskandar Plaza. He’ll join shortly after that.

Whee! Thanks! One other thing I couldn’t find (at any site) is what the non-main characters look and act like (other than Tiffon, who I did find info on). Can you tell me some one-sentence stories? :moogle:

Their roles can be rather small and they alter depending on the quest they are in. Heck sometimes they cameo. Michelle has a cameo in Ruby’s quest early on. Heck not just your party members. Story characters can have roles in multiple quests. I don’t have time to give them right now sorry. Not that my explanation skills are good. You could try posting the question at the U.SaGa board at gamefaqs. Maybe people will help you with explanations while I am off. And they’ll probably explain better than I could anyway.