Question on etiquette

Should I end up ever meeting any of you people, I was wondering if I’d call you by your real names, or your internet handle.
Like in this case of me meeting TD (oh man I hope this never happens. I’d so give him a wedgie and many purple nurples…)
Would I call him Raymond?
Would I call him TD?
Or would I go with shamalamadingdong?
What’re your thoughts on this subject in general?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d feel more comfortable being refered to by my real name.

Real name. That’s what we do at the RPGCali meets.

I was thinking, though. I’d love to, like I said, call you by your internet handle, kero. It’s just such an awesome name for some reason :stuck_out_tongue:

Names that don’t have numbers and stuff, I wouldn’t mind. But shit like “EPL42069” would be annoying.
I’d probably call everyone else by their real name. Especially if it was something dorky.
I really wanna go to the Cali meet. All the really cool people are there.
Except shin :frowning:

And here’s hoping that RPGCEast actually happens.

I prefer real name when I’m hanging out with you guys. Hell, when I have responded to my internet name I feel so dirty and so nerdy…not that I’m not a nerd anyway, but still.

Stay the hell away from my area code.

I get called by both Web Name and real Name when I did the Tribe board meet last year. Same goes for Random Claire, More understandable for her though.

I did call some one by the Lines of Zero Wing’s intro. (“Move Zig!!” “For great Justice!!”)

I’d rather be called Reed. Me and Kalius call eachother Lan and Kal at school sometimes though. >.>;;

Real name.

John Doe.

Well, Frame referred to me in front of two police officers as “Hey <b><u><i>ZEPP</b></u></i>, these police officers would like to talk to you.” I thought that was a little weird. In general, I wouldn’t mind it all if you referred to me by my internet name. It sounds cooler than my real one anyway.

Is your name Herald? Is TD’s real name actually Raymond? O_O

I can understand it might be a little weird infront of people that you don’t know, I think in that case the real name would easily be more appropriate.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I didnt even think twice about that.

Anyway, yeah, you could be cool like everyone else at the meet. or you could be like ClothHat and be a complete asshole, and call us by our real names, even though we dont want to be callled by it. Or you could be like him and call us by the WRONG name, like Doug.

Yes. TD’s real name is raymond.
That saying about everyone loving raymond is soooooo fucking wrong.

Well, you DO love his doggy style

Mr. Vermeulen. Just because it’s much more fun to say than Tenchimaru, RPG_Dragon or Raymond.

I had no clue who you were until someone called you zepp.

Generally, I thought it was weird to call someone by their nick. When I first met 984, CH and Frame, they introduced themselves with their real name, but the only one I rememberd was CH’s. For some odd reason, I thought Frame’s name was Frank. :stuck_out_tongue: Most people were calling me Walhalla because they couldn’t pronounce my beautiful name properly. Or just didn’t pay attention and therefore didn’t know it.

It won’t. We have no one reliable to host it. Easterners are all little kiddies. It’ll never materialize. Don’t get your hopes up.

Hey fuck you man. I’m 18.
I’m somewhat reliable. I’d love to host it if the parentals didn’t mind, but they do :stuck_out_tongue:
Fuck you and your mother. Twice >.>;

You may refer to me as “sir” and I will call you whatever I wish