Question From the Warlock

Shadowgate. The game. The legend.
Would this game be considered RPGC Shrine material?
And also, if it is, is it kosher to present the additional mythos surrounding it that has been largely crafted by myself and Jair on Videoland, AKA Stu, AKA Blues?

I would consider Shadowgate an RPG.

As would I.

That game drove me (still drives me) nuts - after many years and much frustration, I finally made it all the way to the Warlock on the GBC version, but for the life of me I can not figure out how to beat him :hyperven:

Shadowgate? An RPG? Surely you guys aren’t being serious, it’s as hardcore an adventure game as you can get. Sure, there’s DnD cliches in it, like “Magic, Swords, and Adverture” but it’s still not an RPG. If you could call Shadowgate an RPG, then pretty much any video game with even vague ties to DnD could be considered an RPG.

It’s a puzzle RPG in my view, there are items, a story, puzzles… makes an RPG in my eyes.

And Rast, want a little tip? I haven’t played the GBC version but I suppose it’s pretty much the same.

“Five to find, three for the staff.” You need to combine three items. That’s all I’m gonna say.

At worse, a project of mine if it’s ever get off the ground will probably work.

What would go in the shrine? All you could have is a solution, which is maybe a couple of pages at most, and perhaps a map.

The shrine could also contain uberdetails. What every item LOOKs like. Every book. Every iota of text you can possibly get. Hell, maybe even the mythos that myself and my best friend have expanded/created for the Shadowgate prequel that we fully intend to submit to Infinite Ventures at some point. I’m really passionate about the Shadowgate series, I think it has huge potential.

Congratulations: you’re starting to get ME interested in playing Shadowgate. Oh, and hi, Hyperion.

Also, Green Mage. Every single fantasy game has DnD ties to it… that wasn’t even what I was thinking about when proposing it as a possible shrine.

Oh, Rast? If you want the full-on howto on pwning me…

USE the Orb on the Staff, then USE the Blade on the Staff. To top it all off, USE the Staff on the big pink Behemoth, not me. Twilleh don’t play dat.

Actually, while Shadowgate is a good game, I’d be extremely reluctant to call it an RPG.

You should e-mail and ask him.

While Shadowgate is one of the coolest puzzle games I have ever seen, it’s just that. A puzzle game. It’s about fitting the circular block into the curcular hole except in a much more complex way.

Shadowgate 64 on the other had has interaction and such.